Sanket - Head of Strategy


Rob and Dan have worked with Polygon since 2019 they are doing a great job on our senior business and tech roles. We would recommend them for any senior, lead and director roles your company may need. WE3 offer a friendly and informative service, keeping our best interests in mind.

We are kept up to date with every stage of the process, providing us with key insights, giving us the best chance of making the right choice.

I am happy to recommend WE3.

Rongjian - Co Founder and CTO

Harmony One

Why did you choose to use WE3?

I spoke with Rob and Dan, they seemed pretty clued up on this space and already had some convincing clients. We thought we would try it for 3 months and see what happens.

What made you sign up to their monthly service?

They are good at finding the right person for the roles, understanding the technical requirements and connecting well with the hiring team we have.

How is it partnering with a global recruitment agency?

It is very good, they are on call when needed and we are able to jump on video calls to discuss up and coming roles or just to amend the current roles we have open. I would recommend using WE3 and we will be continuing to use them in the years to come.

Tony - Engineering Manager


WE3 has been absolutely amazing through my recruitment process. They are friendly, approachable and helpful. More importantly, they are sincere. They skillfully managed my best interests as well as those of their client to create a successful match. At every step, I was kept informed of the process and was provided insights into the opportunity so that I could make my best choice. It is a pleasure to recommend them as an accomplished recruiting organisation.

Ahmed - CoFounder


WE3 (Rob and Dan) introduced themselves in 2021. They understood the roles and promised quality over quantity, saving our team time to focus on their core roles.

They currently cover technical and non-technical roles with us, delivering a consistent level of profiles for the urgent roles. We would recommend WE3, they are our first point of call to fill any vacancy.

Kit - Engineering Director


We use WE3 for Golang focused roles covering both high-level developer and senior DevOps engineers. They cover APAC, EMEA and the Americas, sourcing great candidates with a number of successful placements. Two years in we can see ourselves working with WE3 for the indefinite.

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