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Industry leading recruitment strategies to futureproof your talent acquisition 

Three distinct strategies, providing a completely flexible and insightful partnership  

As a hiring manager looking to develop and expand your workforce, one of the most important investments should be your recruitment and talent acquisition process. 

Unfortunately, many businesses view recruiting talent a cumbersome task, leading to a reactive rather than proactive approach to talent acquisition. 

At Hype Talent we have developed three distinct strategies which allows our clients to choose the recruitment model suitable for their needs. 

Embracing the latest technology and industry insights, we work with you to ensure that you can attract the very best talent and futureproof your talent acquisition process.  

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Specialist digital and technology on demand recruitment service, on a per role basis. Our consultants provide support to search and identify the very best talent for your company. We shortlist the top candidates and provide interview support. The best option if you are expanding by 1-5 members of staff.

on Demand

Our recruitment partner programme delivers an exceptional outsourcing solution for companies looking to build quality, long-term candidate pipelines and reduce costs per hire. We embrace your company culture and work with you to implement new talent acquisition strategies.

Partner Programme

Our recruitment specialists provide a consultative approach to your current recruitment processes. We work closely with your recruitment team and hiring manager to understand current processes, identifying areas to improve candidate engagement levels and reduce cost per hire.

Consulting Programme

We work with you to drive quality, reduce costs and increase productivity. Find the right strategy for your business 


Strategy objective

Suitability to support your recruitment objective


Role Analysis, Talent Search, Strategy Action Plan & Fully Managed 

Assigned professional consultant

No hidden fees

Reduced placement fee

Targeted branding, advertising and marketing strategies

Candidate pipeline development and talent targeting

Client portal for direct collaboration with recruitment consultant


on Demand

Our flexible, on demand option for hiring managers wanting to find excellent talent efficiently 

For employers who are looking to grow your team by 1-5 positions 

Contingency recruitment with our no hire, no fee guarantee


Partner Programme

Our partnership programme for companies needing to build candidate pipelines and develop industry-leading talent acquisition strategies  

An outsourcing strategy as a professional extension to your company. Reduce costs per hire. Suitable for expanding teams

Save with fixed monthly payments.

Minimum 3 months contract


Consulting Programme

We use our consultative programme to assess your recruitment process, identify inefficiencies and

develop new strategies

For employers who are looking for professional expertise to improve the recruitment and hiring process throughout the company

One fixed fee

3D Geometric Shapes

Find out more about our strategies and how we can support your business

Hype Talent partners with businesses to attract and hire the best technology talent across the UK. From searching for one-off candidates with a niche skill set to the recruitment of entire teams, we offer a range of flexible strategies to enable our clients to succeed. 

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