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Success Story: From DJ to IT Support Engineer

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

That dreaded word 'Covid' has devastated industries across the world, but perhaps none more so than the entertainment industry. For 42 year old David, Covid had put a complete halt to his reputable and highly successful 15 year career as a DJ, causing him to take a moment to assess his career options.

Unsettled and perplexed, David got in contact with the team at Empower Personnel and explained his circumstances. As somebody who had always relied on close links to the hospitality industry and his ability to engage a crowd, he wasn't sure how he could change careers- and if anybody would consider his experience.

Assessing your Skills

After speaking to David, our IT & technical recruitment consultant identified that he had shown the skills necessary and competency which would be valued within the IT industry. He had often worked on programming and automation- a key part of preparation for his performances. David explained to our consultants that he had hands-on experience in soldering and fixing hardware. He also had a strong understanding across multiple OS, Active Directory work and Networking fundamentals.

Upskilling for an Industry Change

We advised David that he should consider an entry level position in the industry in order to build strong fundamentals and obtain further knowledge which will allow him the element of progression within 18-24 months. We advised that David undertook the Cisco Networking and Security course as well as undertaking CompTIA A+ Training. These courses are recognised throughout the industry, covering a wide range of networking, security, programming and automation training, and would form part of David's upskilling process.

Compelling, targeted CV and Cover Letter

The next area to address was David's CV. He provided a CV which was last updated a number of years ago and wasn't ATS compliant. Using our CV Services, we worked with David to provide him with a compelling and up to date CV which was ATS optimised and specifically targeted the IT industry. We highlighted key skills and technical skills that would be beneficial as an IT Support Engineer and added the recent courses which David had undertaken to the CV. We also wrote a cover letter for David, explaining his current circumstances: highlighting his transferable skills and IT experience. David felt much more confident and was now in the position to apply for entry level IT positions.

Interview and Success

After 3 weeks, David had attended 2 interviews as an IT Support Engineer. David's newly found confidence and his ability to explain why his experience was relevant to the industry ensured that he was able to secure a position for a great organisation. You may find yourself in a similar position to David- but it's important to take the time to carefully assess and evaluate your options.

Questions to ask yourself

Consider your skills/ experience and ask yourself whether these would be useful in another industry?

Think about the long-term opportunity: is the salary most important to you or is the opportunity and progression more important in the long-term?

Research the industry that you're interested in. Use a tool such as Glassdoor to find out what it is like to work for an organisation in the industry.

Are there any courses which you can do to appeal to potential hiring managers within the industry?

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