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Earn Money with your Digital Marketing Experience

Hype Talent is pleased to be able to announce that as part of our wider Empower Personnel organisation, we are offering an exciting new opportunity to digital marketing enthusiasts, social media gurus and marketing professionals.

As part of our journey to reach a wider audience and our ambition to provide greater access to our award-winning career services, we are delighted to be launching our new Affiliate Programme.

Whether you are a blogger, professional or someone with a social media presence, we're offering this excellent opportunity to join our Affiliate Programme and earn an additional income from our generous commission rates.

Empower Personnel Career Academy Managing Director, stated;

"We're excited to launch this programme which has been designed to support professionals working from home and giving them a platform to harness their digital marketing skills. We offer a generous incentive, whilst we benefit from a larger audience. We believe that word of mouth is the very best way to grow a business and we think that by supporting our growth, our affiliates should be rewarded."

How does it work?

Each affiliate is provided with a unique link, which once clicked, will be recognised by us. For every sale transaction via the link, you will receive a base rate of 8% commission of the total value of sale. Our average sale order is £85.00, which means that you would earn £6.80 from a single transaction of £85.00. How you promote the link is up to you, however there are some terms and conditions to our affiliate service to uphold the integrity of our company. We can also help you by supplying marketing logos and materials.

Our Career Support services are reviewed positively and, with the current pandemic, can be a vital tool to prevent long-term unemployment.

If you are interested in earning more income today, you can register your interest here and one of our customer service team members will be in touch.

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