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3 factors you MUST be aware of if you're recruiting now

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The show must go on!

As we slowly return to a new norm, businesses have realised that 2020 must go on. Whilst some businesses have struggled to adapt, there are those who have embraced change and are coming out of the other side with a stronger and more agile business than before. With this, businesses have realised that there is a need to continue to grow and develop their teams, swiftly opening up new vacancies.

However, the job market is now a very different place. People looking for permanent jobs is the highest it has been since 2008.

And whilst this sounds great for employers looking for their next top employee, hiring managers who we have spoken to have found this to be more of a hindrance.

Candidate Applications up by 3233%

A typical vacancy which would expect 30 applications have been receiving in excess of 1000+ applications. That's a lot of CVs to read through. However, not all candidates will have suitable or appropriate experience. The hospitality industry has been significantly affected by this with £100,000+ salaried executives known to be applying for front of house positions. As you can imagine, candidates are experiencing perhaps one of the toughest times to be looking for a job, therefore some are willing to take any opportunity.

But, businesses must question the longevity and motivation of the potential employee. Is this an employee who will be here to help support the business in 12 months time, or is this a 'stop gap' until something better comes along? Hiring managers will need to invest a lot of time carefully considering each application, selecting candidates with appropriate experience and interviewing those who are most suitable for the company culture. A task which may have taken 4 hours may now take 16+ working hours.

To help support candidate filtering and ease the administration, we have launched From £99+VAT we can post your vacancies to reach over 10 million active candidates. Our candidate filtering service supports you to identify and select the most suitable candidates for your vacancy, matching your skills and requirements. Our easy-to-use self service portal means that you can upload the vacancy details and we will do the rest for you.

Job Board Spamming

There are many job boards available online- some better than others. You should consider the job boards you are using as this will affect the applications and candidates you will receive. Simply put, don't use job boards that make application spamming easy.

At Empower Personnel, our service means that we manage the entire recruitment process, only identifying the finest candidates for your vacancy. We take the time to understand your requirements, the candidate's experience and company culture to find the perfect fit for your business. To start recruiting today click here and we'll start the process.

Transparency is More Important than Ever

It's no surprise that, with the current job market, candidates are applying for tens (and sometimes hundreds) of jobs across multiple companies. In order to attract candidates who are committed and suitable for your company, you must be transparent about your company culture and recruitment process.

Informing potential applicants about the rigour of your hiring process will reduce applications from unsuitable candidates. You may also require applicants to know your company- consider offering a brief pre-application test covering the background of your company from your website.

Empower Personnel offers flexible recruitment solutions, meaning that we can provide video answering tools and virtual interviews before face-to-face interviews. We use the latest technology to identify the very best candidates for your business. To find out more about our solutions and how they can help you click here.

With fees starting from £1295+VAT (or 8%) we offer excellent value and some of the most competitive rates available across the region, without sacrificing the professional service you expect.

If you're looking for some excellent talent across Suffolk, Cambridge, Norfolk, Peterborough, Colchester, Kent or London and have a permanent vacancy or upcoming opportunity, please contact the team and we would be happy to help.

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